Europeans for al-Quds: 5 killed, 98 injuries, 187 detainees in January in Jerusalem

The Israeli authorities have continued to violate human rights in Jerusalem in January 2022, with a decision from Israel’s highest political levels.  The Europeans for al-Quds Organization documented the killing of 5 Palestinians and confirmed the emergence of forced displacement plans in several neighborhoods.

This month, Europeans for al-Quds monitored 1301 violations, which fall under 17 categories, committed by the Israeli forces. The majority of these violations were serious. Raids constituted 23.9 %of the total violations, which is the highest, followed by arrests, 14.4 %.

During this month, Europeans for al-Quds monitored 97 shootings and direct attacks by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in occupied Jerusalem neighborhoods, resulting in the killing of 5 Palestinians and injury of 98 civilians in excessive use of force without any justification. Besides, dozens of people suffocated from the tear gas.  115 others were subjected to beatings and severe violence from the IOF.

The IOF also continued to carry out raids into Palestinian neighborhoods, including raiding homes and properties, harassing residents, and arbitrarily arresting residents of Jerusalem, without arrest warrants or searches, in addition to subjecting them to beatings and investigations for long hours, and imposing financial fines on them. The occupation practices detention against them as a tool of punishment and intimidation, without any pretext or legal reason. The Europeans for al-Quds team documented during this month the IOF’ implementation of 311 incursions into towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem, during which they arrested 187 citizens, including children and women. In addition, 127 summonses and imposing house arrest on 37 citizens at least were documented.

During this month, Europeans for al-Quds team monitored 40 attacks, which varied between demolitions in occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in the demolition of 8 homes, 4 of which were self-demolished. In addition to the destruction of 18 facilities, the leveling of lands, and the distribution of dozens of notices of demolition, cessation of construction and eviction.

The report documented 6 seizures carried out by the IOF or settlers, which targeted 5 plots of land and a vehicle in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

During this month, 4,517 settlers and dozens of thousands under the name of tourists participated in the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was repeated over a period of 23 days. In addition, 16 attacks were recorded, the most serious of which were the Temple groups demanding to impose a new fait accompli in Al-Aqsa Mosque. The report also monitored the storming of extremist minister Itamar bin Gvir of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The Israeli occupation authorities continued to implement the policy of deportation from Al-Aqsa Mosque or the city of Jerusalem. During this month they issued 27 deportation decisions, 4 of which targeted women from Al-Aqsa Mosque and the neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

The report documents 16 attacks carried out by settlers, most notably the storming of the joint Protestant cemetery of the Evangelical and Lutheran churches, in the Mount Zion area, in central-east Jerusalem, smashing crosses and uprooting the tombstones of 30 graves there.

The report monitored 94 fixed and flying checkpoints, 17 street closures, 10 travel bans, and 3 collective punishment measures.

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