Jerusalem in 2022: Acceleration in Judaization policies

A comprehensive report about the Israeli occupation violations in Jerusalem during 2022 concluded that Israel committed about 13,000 complex violations against Palestinians during the year. Israel is also working through several methods to accelerate the Judaization policies and to impose the de-facto policy to consecrate the Jewish presence and character and reduce the Palestinian Islamic presence in Jerusalem.

Europeans for al-Quds Organization’ report under the title Jerusalem 2022, acceleration in Judaization policies stressed that the Israeli occupation pursues policies that accelerate Judaization and target Al-Aqsa Mosque and the whole city of Jerusalem in conjunction with the assumption of a coalition government that includes the most extreme right-wing groups that seek to implement many Judaization schemes that, if implemented, could cause an explosion and a state of anger in the entire region.

The annual report is the outcome of documenting the Israeli attacks against Palestinians in monthly reports throughout the year.

During 2022, the report documented the killing of 19 Palestinians by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF). In addition to the death of a detained Palestinian in the Israeli jails. It is worth noting that among the killed were two brothers who were killed after being run over by a colonial settler.

The report documented 1266 injuries, including women and minors. All of whom were hit by direct bullets or bombs, in addition to dozens of cases of suffocation as a result of the tear gas fired by the IOF.

The report also monitored 788 shooting attacks by the IOF in Jerusalem. Most of them were during the storming of the Palestinian neighborhoods and near the Israeli checkpoints. The hotspots were: the Damascus Gate, Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, Silwan, Shuafat refugee camp and Qalandia checkpoint.

The IOF carried out 2,996 incursions and raids into Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem, including 2,541 arrests.

The arrests came with an increase of 22.4 % over the previous year, which witnessed 2542 arrested.

The IOF carried out 256 demolitions in 2022. The highest of which came in January and August with 55 demolitions.

During 2022, according to the report, the IOF forcibly forced 69 Jerusalemites to self-demolish their homes, which led to the displacement of dozens of citizens.

The IOF confiscated no less than 6 Palestinian homes and buildings and 7 agricultural lands. This policy aims to impose settlement outposts deep in the Palestinian neighborhoods to change the demographic reality and character of the city.

The report also monitored the demolition of more than 100 different facilities by the IOF, most of which were shops, barracks, and workshops. February witnessed the largest demolition of facilities, with 18 facilities.

About 56,815 settlers carried out incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque, in 255 days, with two incursions per day.

During the year, the IOF carried out 109 attacks, most notably the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, preventing restoration operations and placing obstacles in front of maintenance inside and outside the mosque, in an attempt to extend full occupation sovereignty over it.

Christians and their churches were not spared from the attacks of the IOF and settlers, as several churches were stormed and attacked by the occupation and its settlers.

The occupation authorities issued 797 deportation decisions, an increase of 56.2% over last year, which witnessed 510 deportation decisions.

The report monitored no less than 387 attacks carried out by settlers, which consisted of attacking citizens and their property, writing racist slogans, seizing property and organizing provocative rallies.

In 2022, the occupation’s attempts to impose the Israeli curriculum, fight the Palestinian curriculum in every way, storm schools, revoke their licenses, assault students, and violate the campus of Al-Quds Abu Dis University emerged in 2022.

Al-Aqsa Mosque was in the focus of Israeli targeting, through repeated incursions by the occupation forces and settlers on the one hand, and operations to prevent restoration and obstacles to the arrival of Muslim worshipers on the other hand.

The report warned of serious dangers in 2023 to implement extremely racist plans targeting Al-Aqsa Mosque and the entire city, which began early with the storming of the Minister of National Security Ben Gvir, as well as the demands of the Temple groups, which include the establishment of a synagogue and the imposition of a radical change on the established status quo in the city despite its prejudice to the Palestinian right.

Europeans for al-Quds Organization renewed its position, based on the rules of international law and United Nations resolutions, that the city of Jerusalem is an occupied city, and what Israel commits there constitute grave violations of human rights covenants.

The organization warned of the Israeli plans that seek to impose a temporal and spatial division on Al-Aqsa Mosque, and to change the reality for the worse, which threaten to erupt new waves of conflict and violence.

It called on the United Nations, the general international community and the European Union countries to assume their responsibilities in stopping Israel’s violation of relevant Security Council resolutions, and to put pressure on the occupation to stop its violations and protect the Palestinians.

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