A blatant accusation of an Italian Chamber of Deputies

The blatant accusation of terrorism that some Northern League (Lega Nord) members have addressed to Stefania Ascari, a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, for presenting the press conference of the Europeans for al-Quds organization’s annual report of the Israeli human rights violations in Jerusalem is a clichéd attempt at typical inflammatory propaganda manipulation.

The Northern League is trying to delegitimize MP Ascari and her guests, by diverting the public’s attention from the gross human rights violations against Palestinians, which were the exclusive subject of the press conference that has been hosted by the House of Representatives.

“This accusation bothers me, as I was sitting at that table framing the legal framework in which those abuses should be read and interpreted. I was not shocked, as I have been studying the Palestinian cause for several years, and every time an institutional initiative has been organized on it, at any level of government, parliament, or constituency, the same absurd accusations start to rain down. Regardless of the speaker, if he talks about the rights of the Palestinians, he will always be accused of being a terrorist or a friend of terrorists,” Ascari said.

Europeans for al-Quds organization calls for solidarity with Ascari and her likes who do not hesitate to support the Palestinian cause

February 28, 2023
Europeans for al-Quds

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