Europeans for al-Quds: 856 Israeli violations in Jerusalem during September

The Europeans for al-Quds organization stated that the Jewish holidays in September marked an additional milestone in the increase of attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the hardships faced by Jerusalemites, within the context of the ongoing Israeli violations in the occupied city.

The Organization’s monthly report, which monitors violations in the city of Jerusalem, documented data indicating that Israeli occupation forces (IOF) committed a total of 856 violations, distributed across 16 categories of human rights violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem during the month of September.

The organization explained that the majority of these violations are multifaceted, with incursions and raids accounting for 45.4%, followed by arrests at a rate of 16.2%.

The report documented 57 incidents of direct shooting and assault by the IOF in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem. As a result, 8 citizens were injured and dozens suffered from suffocation, in addition to at least 37 citizens being beaten and abused.

The report also documented the violations and attacks committed by IOF against Palestinians during July. The report states that the IOF carried out 389 raids on Palestinian towns and neighborhoods in Jerusalem, arresting 139 Palestinians, including 24 children and 15 women. In addition, 15 others were summoned, while 18 were placed under house arrest.

The report also documented 20 demolitions during which the IOF destroyed 4 housing units, including 16 houses and apartments. Among them were 7 demolitions that forced owners to self-demolish, in addition to the demolition of 8 facilities. During the month, 102 demolition notices were distributed.

The IOF seized a house and handed it over to the settlers, while the occupation authorities renewed their control over 350 dunums of land.

During this month, the IOF continued to promote settlement and Judaization activities. The report identified seven decisions and projects related to settlement and Judaization, among which the most notable was a plan to construct a settlement neighborhood.

Additionally, there was an event scheduled that featured tents. The purpose of these activities is to disseminate misleading narratives, erase the identity of the Palestinian Arab region, and distort its history.

Furthermore, it was noted that a plan to build a park in Wadi al-Ghazal was approved, two bypass routes for settlers near Hizma were opened, and a tunnel extending from Buraq Square to the Umayyad palaces adjacent to the southern wall of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

During the month, 4,456 settlers, accompanied by tens of thousands of tourists, entered Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was repeatedly raided for 19 days. In addition, the IOF and the settlers committed 14 violations against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the worshipers.

The report also monitored 54 fixed and flying checkpoints, 6 travel bans, and 3 violations against journalists.

Israeli forces continued to violate the economic, social, and cultural rights of Palestinians in Jerusalem. During the month, Israeli forces imposed numerous violations on merchants and imposed fines on them. This month also saw a focus on targeting Palestinian education in Jerusalem and the confiscation of Palestinian textbooks.

The report concluded that Jewish holidays have become a source of distress for the residents of Jerusalem and the visitors of Al-Aqsa Mosque. It also noted that the occupying authorities use these holidays as an opportunity to establish new facts on the ground.

The Europeans for al-Quds warned of the danger of the five-year plan approved by the Israeli government, which seeks to tighten its control over the occupied city of Jerusalem and impose Judaization and change the character of the city.

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