Europeans for Al-Quds: Dangerous Escalation in Israel’s Violations in Jerusalem Coinciding with Israeli aggression on Gaza

The Europeans for al-Quds Organization has released its monthly report detailing a significant escalation in Israeli occupation forces’ violations in East Jerusalem. The report exposes a range of concerning activities, including killings, widespread raids, arrests, and attacks on religious sites. This report aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the observed violations during the reporting period.

The Organization confirmed a notable surge in violations during the reporting period, with Israeli forces committing 1,515 infractions, nearly double the average monthly rate. The primary violations were characterized by raids (36.9%) and arrests (25.3%).

The report highlighted an expansion of night raids, often involving destruction, vandalism, and the theft of money under the pretext of demanding exorbitant sums related to the National Insurance Company and the Tax Authority.

Mass arrests, coupled with arbitrary administrative detentions, were reported. Individuals were detained without cause, ostensibly based on suspicions of influencing public opinion. Moreover, unwarranted search campaigns on phones and computers further infringed on privacy rights.

The report raised concerns about widespread raids at Al-Aqsa Mosque, accompanied by public rituals and extremist voices advocating for an attack on the sacred site. The storming of the mosque by settlers and tourists, totaling 8,006 participants over 23 days, resulted in 17 attacks against the mosque and its worshipers.

The report documented 57 shooting incidents and direct attacks, leading to the tragic death of 15 citizens, including 5 children. Additionally, 22 citizens sustained injuries, and dozens suffered from suffocation. At least 89 citizens were subjected to physical abuse.

Israeli forces conducted 559 storming operations into Jerusalem’s towns and neighborhoods, resulting in the arrest of 384 citizens, including 33 children and 23 women. House arrest was imposed on 39 citizens, while 46 others were summoned.

Seventeen demolition operations were documented, leading to the destruction of 14 homes and 3 facilities. Fourteen homeowners were forced to self-demolish, and notices were distributed. In total, 84 citizens faced displacement.

The report highlighted the implementation of a deportation policy from Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jerusalem, with 22 deportation decisions issued. Settler attacks numbered 35, causing injuries and property damage, alongside the performance of Talmudic rituals.

Seventy-nine fixed and sudden checkpoints, eight street closures, two travel bans, and six violations related to freedom of journalistic work were reported.

The report emphasized the gravity of the violations in Jerusalem, urging the international community, especially the European Union countries, to intervene. The Organization called for adherence to international law and UN resolutions, including the Fourth Geneva Convention, to halt state terrorism, protect civilians, and preserve religious freedoms. The call extended to restraining settlers, preventing further incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque, and safeguarding the rights of Jerusalemites.

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