Europeans for al-Quds: Over 1,032 Israeli violations in Jerusalem during January

The European for al-Quds organization has confirmed that Israeli violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem have seen a significant increase, with 1032 violations documented during January.

The organization said in its monthly report that the violations were distributed across 15 categories of human rights violations. The highest categories were raids at 44.6%, followed by the distribution of demolition notices at 20.3% and arrests at 13.7%.

The report documented 35 incidents of direct shooting and assault by the Israeli occupation forces (IOF) in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in the killing of 3 citizens, a couple and their daughter, and 8 others were injured and dozens suffered from suffocation, in addition to at least 27 citizens being beaten and abused.

The report also documented the violations and attacks committed by IOF against Palestinians during January. The report states that the IOF carried out 460 raids on Palestinian towns and neighborhoods in Jerusalem, arresting 132 Palestinians, including 13 children and 4 women. In addition, 11 were placed under house arrest.

The report also documented 20 demolitions during which the occupying forces destroyed 20 housing units, including 14 houses and apartments. Among them were 6 demolitions that forced owners to self-demolish, in addition to the demolition of 8 facilities. During the month, 210 demolition notices were distributed.

The report documented the request from the “Israeli Lands Department” to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for the evacuation of one of its properties in the town of Kafr, located north of occupied Jerusalem. The property, spanning 85 dunums, requires evacuation, and retrospective payment fees are mandated. It is essential to note that the land in Kafr was registered under the Jordanian government’s name before 1967. Subsequently, UNRWA established a school and a training center on the premises.

During this month, seven decisions and procedures were issued with the aim of promoting the Judaization of settlements and Judaization in occupied Jerusalem. One significant development is the approval of a landfill project covering 109 dunums in a valley near the homes of tens of thousands of Jerusalemites in Al-Issawiya, Anata, and Ras Shehadeh. Additionally, the initiation of the Wadi al-Jawzidi project, also known as the Hayek project, and the approval of a scheme for the “Jaftat Hashakid” settlement neighborhood on the lands of Beit Safafa were highlighted. An initial tender for the construction of 550 housing units within the settlement (Jaftat Mashwah) was also published.

Regarding the targeting of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, the report documented the participation of 3405 settlers, accompanied by hundreds posing as tourists, in the repeated storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque over 22 days. Occupation forces persistently restricted access to the mosque and reduced the number of worshippers to less than 5,000 on Fridays.

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