More than 400 Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem during January 2021

Data published by Europeans for al-Quds showed that the Israeli occupation authorities committed more than 400 violations in the occupied Jerusalem during January 2021.

The monthly report on violations confirmed that 14 patterns of human rights Israeli violations were recorded, as the arrests were at the forefront of 36.7%, followed by incursions and raids of 29.7%.

20 shooting incidents and direct assaults by the Israeli army in the occupied Jerusalem neighborhoods were documented, which resulted in the injury of a young man by the excessive use of force without any justification. Also, dozens of people suffocated from the tear gas, and 9 cases of beating and severe violence were recorded.

 Meanwhile, 119 incursions into the towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem, arresting 147 Palestinians, including 19 children and 4 women, summoning 8 persons, and imposing the house arrest of at least 6 persons were documented.

The report on January 2021 monitored 12 attacks, including demolitions in the occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in the self-demolition of 3 homes in Jerusalem and the dismantling of the fourth residence and the floor of a house, which led to the displacement of dozens of citizens. The occupation forces also destroyed 7 fences, a well, and 5 facilities.

In addition, the Israeli authorities issued two decisions to evacuate a house in the Batn Al-Hawa neighborhood and the lands of Wadi al-Rababa in Jerusalem, in favor of the settlement projects.

The chief of Europeans for al-Quds, Mohammad Hannoun, emphasized that the demolitions carried out by the occupation forces are part of a systematic policy to forcibly displace Palestinians to change the demographic character of the occupied city. It is worth noting that such actions amount to a war crime.

“The policy of the racial discrimination perpetrated by the army forces is clear. Although Israel creates restrictions and obstacles that prevent Palestinians from obtaining building permits, It uses the lack of permission as a pretext to carry out the escalating demolitions, which is one of many pretexts, including security, punitive and other excuses, that ultimately lead to the policy of destroying homes to displace Palestinians in exchange for allowing the establishment of hundreds of settlement units and providing support and budgets for that,” Hannoun said.

Besides, Israel issued two orders to evacuate a residential building and the land of Wadi Rababa in Jerusalem as part of the settlement expansion policies.

During January 2021, settlers carried out incursions over 20 days of the month, as the settlers’ number reached 420.

On the other hand, the Israeli forces continue to impose restrictions to prevent the West Bank residents to access Jerusalem, as well as Gazans. The Israeli forces check and seize the identity documents of the Palestinians coming to Al-Aqsa Mosque. Meanwhile, they prevent large numbers of Jerusalemites from accessing the mosque under security pretexts.

In August, the Israeli authorities issued 11 deportation decisions from Al-Aqsa Mosque, half of which targeted the guards of Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In the occupied Jerusalem, the Israeli army forces set up 13 permanent checkpoints and dozens of flying checkpoints to stop the citizens when they pass through them. During this month, the occupation forces suddenly established 27 checkpoints in the streets and neighborhoods of Jerusalem where they arrested citizens, searched them, and checked their identity cards.

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