Europeans for al-Quds condemns Israeli suppression, settlers attacks at Damascus Gate

Europeans for al-Quds association strongly condemns the attacks carried out by the Israeli occupation forces and their settlers against worshipers and Jerusalemites in the occupied Jerusalem.

The association indicated that the Israeli occupation forces escalated their attacks since the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan, especially the suppression of worshipers in the area of the Damascus Gate, leading to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied Jerusalem, including preventing the entry of the Iftar meals to them, as they are fasting.

It was emphasized that these developments reached the peak on Thursday evening, April 22 (10th of Ramadan), when the occupation forces used excessive force and cavalry to suppress hundreds of Jerusalemites who gathered at the Damascus Gate, as part of the protest against an expected incursion by the right-wing extremist settlement group, Lahava, into the area.

Europeans for al-Quds pointed out that the Israeli police protected settlers during the incursions, as well as attacking citizens’ homes and vehicles, which prompted Jerusalemites to confront them.

Besides, the occupation forces used excessive force against the Jerusalemites, wounding 105 of them, in addition to arresting 50 others, including children, and taking out worshipers in the mosque.

Europeans for al-Quds condemn this excessive use of force against Jerusalemites, as well as the Israeli security forces’ protection for the settlers in carrying out their attacks. And it salutes the people of Jerusalem for their steadfastness.

Europeans for al-Quds calls on the European Parliament and the international community to urgently intervene to ensure the protection of Jerusalemites from Israeli attacks, stressing that the city of Jerusalem is occupied according to historical rights and United Nations resolutions, and any measures and practices with the force of brutality will not change the Jerusalemites right of protection.

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