Europeans for al-Qud holds occupation authorities consequences of clashes in Jerusalem

Brussels, Milan
Friday, May 7, 2021

Europeans for al-Quds association is following up the brutal attacks by the terrorist settlers under the protection of the occupation authorities against our people in Jerusalem, especially the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

Europeans for al-Quds describes what is happening in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood as an organized process of ethnic cleansing and demographic manipulation aimed at Judaizing the entire Holy City in the most heinous robbery practiced by the most outrageous entity in contemporary history.

Ever since the Europeans for al-Quds pays a tribute of pride and reverence for the Jerusalemite families who cling to their homes and their city and highly values their steadfastness and sacrifices in defense of their land and honor, it calls on the international community to put pressure on the occupation authorities to immediately stop their attacks and to stop tampering with the holy city and harming its defenseless civilians.

As such, Europeans for al-Quds sends a letter to the European Union countries to assume their responsibilities and urges the Israeli occupation to respect international law and UN resolutions, including the Fourth Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilians, and to stop practicing state terrorism against Jerusalemite civilians and enable them to perform their religious rituals in mosques and churches and stop the settlers’ robbery of the people and their property.

In addition, the members of the Arab and Islamic communities were called to support Jerusalemites by all available legal means. It also calls on preachers and imams of mosques to devote the Friday sermon to the support of Jerusalem and its people and to make their just cause known.

Europeans for al-Quds

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