Jerusalem in July: 1 killed, dozens of injuries, and 167 detainees

Europeans for al-Quds association said that the Israeli occupation authorities escalated the perpetration of human rights violations in Jerusalem during July 2021, as an Israeli attempt to impose Judaization and the establishment of settlements, while continuing human rights violations.

In the monthly report monitoring the Israeli attacks in Jerusalem, Europeans for al-Quds monitored the Israeli army’s perpetration of 610 violations varied between 14 types of human rights violations.

In addition, the occupation authorities continued to target those stationed at Al-Aqsa Mosque and encroach on the role of endowments by preventing the Reconstruction Committee from working and arresting the mosque’s guards.

During this month, Europeans for al-Quds monitored 47 shooting incidents and direct attacks by the Israeli occupation forces in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem. As a result, two civilians were wounded by live bullets, one of whom had his kidneys removed. In addition, dozens of people suffocated from tear gas.

Moreover, the Jerusalemite Abdo Yousef Al-Khatib Al-Tamimi, 43, was also killed inside the Al-Maskobiya investigation and detention center in occupied Jerusalem after he was beaten by the Israeli police.

The Israeli occupation forces continued to carry out raids and incursions into Palestinian neighborhoods, including raiding homes and properties, abusing residents, and launching arbitrary arrests against residents of Jerusalem without arrest or search warrants, in addition to subjecting them to beatings and interrogations for long hours, and imposing fines on them. The occupation arrests them as a tool of punishment and intimidation without any pretext or legal reason.

In July, the Europeans for al-Quds team documented 198 incursions into towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem, during which 167 civilians were arrested, including 17 children and 6 women.

Besides, the Europeans for al-Quds team monitored the occupation forces’ implementation of 21 demolitions and distribution of demolition notices, which resulted in the destruction of 14 homes, 3 commercial establishments, agricultural land, a school, and 30 demolition and eviction notices.

It was clear that the Israeli army authorities sought to impose a demographic change in the city of Jerusalem and to achieve this goal it employed all its governmental, political, and security means. It also gives the settlers and their settlement associations a free hand to control the largest possible number of properties in the city.

Regarding the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque by settlers, the number of settlers, who storm the Mosque reached about 4000, while about 100 settlers stormed Al-Aqsa on the Day of Arafa. Among the participants in the incursions was the former Minister of Intelligence of the occupation, Eli Cohen, who stormed the mosque on the morning of July 12, under the protection of the occupation police and received explanations and instructions from one of the rabbis. From inside Al-Aqsa, Cohen declared, “We must impose our sovereignty over every place in Jerusalem, and the Temple Mount is the most important place.”

The Israeli occupation police continued to implement the policy of deportation from Al-Aqsa Mosque or the city of Jerusalem, and during July, the occupation courts issued 20 deportation orders that varied between deportations from Al-Aqsa, the Old City, the West Bank, and places of confrontation and housing. Four ex-prisoners were handed deportation orders ranging between 3 and 6 months from Jerusalem, in addition to preventing them from communicating with certain figures.

On Thursday, July 15, the Israeli Minister of Internal Security extended the closure of Jerusalemite institutions for six months. The decision includes the Orient House institution, the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, the Arab Studies Association, the Prisoner’s Club, the Supreme Council of Tourism, and dozens of other vital institutions.

In light of this escalation, Europeans for al-Quds warned of the danger of the Israeli escalation and attempts of mass displacement in the Sheikh Jarrah and Silwan neighborhoods in Jerusalem, warning that this warns of the outbreak of a wave of violence that could threaten the stability of the entire region.

In addition, it stressed the illegality of any de facto measures taken by the occupation authorities in the occupied city of Jerusalem, and that all measures taken by the occupation authorities following the occupation of the city in 1967 do not change its legal status as an occupied area.

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