Jerusalem in August: 90 Palestinian detainees and 20 demolitions

Data collected by the Europeans for al-Quds association showed that the Israeli occupation authorities escalated the perpetration of human rights violations in Jerusalem during August 2021, as an Israeli attempt to impose new incidents in the Damascus Gate area leading to the Old City and Al-Aqsa Mosque emerged.

In the monthly report monitoring the Israeli attacks in Jerusalem, Europeans for al-Quds monitored the Israeli army’s perpetration of 393 violations varied between 13 types of human rights violations.

During this month, the report documented 30 shooting incidents and direct attacks by the Israeli occupation forces in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in the injury of 3 civilians, one of them with disabilities, in addition to dozens of cases of suffocation.

The report also documented that the occupation forces carried out 101 incursions into towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem, during which 90 civilians, including 16 children and a woman, were arrested and at least 27 others were summoned.

The Europeans for al-Quds team monitored the implementation of 20 demolitions and notifications by the occupation forces, which resulted in the destruction of 23 homes, 10 of which are self-demolition, and 19 facilities, including 16 shops and farms, as part of an attempt to displace Jerusalemites and change the character of the occupied city.

In addition, 4 decisions were monitored by the occupation forces trying to impose a fait accompli in Bab al-Amoud Square and to impose settlers’ incursions into Al-Aqsa Mosque. Among the most prominent of these decisions is the start of implementing a plan to build a new settlement neighborhood on the lands of the abandoned Jerusalem International Airport in the village of Qalandia, and the start of the so-called “Jewish National Fund” to register thousands of real estate in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. These measures may lead to the eviction of Palestinians from some of these Real estate, and the construction of a biblical garden on the land of “Karam al-Mufti” in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood for a nearby settlement outpost.

On the 51st anniversary of its burning, Al-Aqsa Mosque is still in the focus of Israeli targeting, through repeated incursions by the occupation forces and settlers on one hand, and operations to prevent restoration and obstacles in the way of the arrival of Muslim worshipers on the other hand.

During this month, 3,597 settlers participated in the storming of the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was repeated over 23 days with two periods per day.

The Israeli occupation police continued to implement the policy of deportation from Al-Aqsa Mosque or the city of Jerusalem, and during August issued 17 deportation decisions.

The settlers also continued to carry out attacks against the citizens of occupied Jerusalem. During this month, Europeans for al-Quds association documented 3 attacks carried out by settlers, including assault, shooting, and assaulting citizens, which led to the serious injury of citizens.

The Israeli occupation forces continued their attacks on public freedoms and obstructed the work of press crews in Jerusalem. During this month, the report monitored 3 cases of violations of freedoms, represented by stopping a singing event in the Old City, storming a wedding party because of patriotic songs, and handing over a travel ban.

The director of Europeans for al-Quds, Mohammed Hannoun, stressed that the continuation of the Israeli attacks in Jerusalem and the attempt to change its identity requires action by the international community to put an end to these violations, which amount to crimes of ethnic cleansing.

He pointed out that over the past decades, the Israeli policy of violence that is practiced by an official Israeli political decision has not stopped, noting that the continuation of attacks on Al-Aqsa Mosque on the 52nd anniversary of its burning demonstrates the criminality practiced by the Israeli authorities against the mosque and the entire city of Jerusalem, whose original residents face the most heinous forms of racial discrimination in the modern era.

He stressed that the abuse and aggression that the mosque and Jerusalemites are subjected to increases their belief in the justice of their cause and enhances their connection and the generality of Muslims with their first Qibla and rejected any attempts to impose temporal or spatial division on them.

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