Jerusalem in September: 5 killed and 154 detainees

The Israeli occupation authorities escalated the perpetration of human rights violations in Jerusalem during September 2021, as an Israeli attempt to impose new incidents in the Damascus Gate area leading to the Old City and Al-Aqsa Mosque emerged. The Jerusalemites responded to these measures with daily confrontations that left dozens of injuries and detainees.

In the monthly report monitoring the Israeli attacks in Jerusalem, Europeans for al-Quds monitored the Israeli army’s perpetration of 555 violations varied between 14 types of human rights violations.

During this month, the report monitored 32 shooting incidents and direct attacks by the Israeli occupation forces in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem. These incidents resulted in the death of five civilians, including a doctor and a woman, and the injury of 12 others, in addition to dozens of cases of suffocation.

The killed are: Doctor Hazem Al-Julani in the Old City, Zakaria Badwan, Ahmed Zahran, Mahmoud Humaidan, in the town of Beit Anan, northwest of occupied Jerusalem, and the citizen Isra Khuzaymah, at the Lion’s Gate near Al-Aqsa Mosque. The occupation authorities seized their bodies, bringing the number of the bodies of the killed Jerusalemite held by the occupation to 17.

The Europeans for al-Quds team documented that the occupation forces carried out 167 incursions into towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem. During which, 154 civilians were arrested, including 10 women and 21 children. In addition, the occupation authorities issued 7 house arrest decisions against Jerusalemites.

The report documented that the occupation forces carried out 7 demolitions and distributed notices, which resulted in the destruction of 4 houses or parts of them, and the leveling of a cemetery, and another notification of demolition.

The occupation authorities continued their attempts to impose a change of the Arab-Islamic identity of the city of Jerusalem, employing all its governmental, political, and security arms for this purpose. During this month, they changed the name of Al-Wad Road in occupied Jerusalem to an Israeli name, as part of a clear war on the Palestinian identity of the place.

The occupation authorities have also started implementing the “land settlement” project in the occupied city of Jerusalem, which aims to annex the remaining real estate and Palestinian lands and poses a real threat to thousands of Palestinians of forced displacement.

During this month, 6,481 settlers participated in the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was repeated over 22 days, with two periods per day.

The Israeli occupation police continued to implement the policy of deportation from Al-Aqsa Mosque or the city of Jerusalem. During the month of September, it issued 15 deportation decisions, including  9 decisions to remove them from Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City, as their periods ranged from one week to six months.

The settlers continued to carry out attacks against citizens in occupied Jerusalem. During this month, Europeans for al-Quds association documented 17 attacks carried out by settlers, including 9 attacks on young men by stabbing, attempting to suffocate, run over, severely beat and throw stones at their workplaces.

Mohammad Hannoun, head of the European for al-Quds Association, condemned the Israeli escalation in the city of Jerusalem, especially the escalation of targeting Al-Aqsa Mosque and facilitating the settlers’ storming of it, considering it an attempt to impose a new fait accompli.

Hannoun also condemned the land settlement project, which he saw as an attempt to legitimize control of Palestinian land and real estate, as a dedication to settlement and an attempt to impose a new identity for the occupied city of Jerusalem.

In addition, he warned of the dangerous repercussions of the escalatory Israeli policy in Jerusalem, and called on the international community to move quickly to pressure Israel to stop its aggressions, undo the implementation of forced displacement plans, and put an end to the massive violations of human rights.

He also called on the European Union countries to stand up to their responsibilities and make the occupying power respect international law and UN resolutions, including the Fourth Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilians.

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