Jerusalem in October: 70 injuries and 240 detainees

Data collected by Europeans for al-Quds Association showed that the Israeli occupation forces escalated their aggression and Judaization policy in the occupied city of Jerusalem during the month of October 2021.

In the monthly report monitoring the Israeli attacks in Jerusalem, Europeans for al-Quds Association monitored the Israeli army’s perpetration of 1,239 violations varied between 14 types of human rights violations. The majority of these violations are complex, and at the forefront of these violations were incursions and raids with a rate of 23.2%, followed by arrests of 19.4%.

During the month, the report documented 51 shooting incidents and direct attacks by the Israeli occupation forces in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem. As a result, 70 civilians were wounded by live bullets, tear gas canisters and sound bombs. The occupation forces also beat more than 97 others, while dozens of suffocation cases were recorded.

The occupation forces carried out 287 storming operations in the towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem, during which they carried out 240 arrests, including at least 8 women and a large number of children.

The report documented that the occupation forces carried out 23 demolitions and distributed notices, which resulted in the destruction of 8 homes, 4 of which were self-demolished, forcing a citizen to demolish part of his home, and destroying 30 commercial facilities, a gas station and two laundry facilities. In addition, extensive demolition notices were delivered in Silwan.

The report confirmed the acceleration of the Israeli army’s efforts to impose a demographic change in the city of Jerusalem, noting that it employs all its governmental, political and security arms for this purpose. On the other hand, it gives the settlers and their settlement associations a free hand to control the largest possible number of properties in the city.

The report documented 9 new decisions, including promoting the construction of 10,000 settlement housing units on the lands of Jerusalem International Airport (Qalandia), approving an occupation court claiming the right of silent prayer for Jews in Al-Aqsa, obliterating the landmarks of the Al-Yusufiye Cemetery to establish a biblical garden, and initiating the construction of a synagogue bearing the name of Jewel of Israel, about 200 meters from Al-Aqsa Mosque.

During this month, 2,761 settlers participated in the storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was repeated over a period of 30 days, with two periods per day.

The Israeli occupation police continued to implement the policy of deportation from the Al-Aqsa Mosque or the city of Jerusalem, and issued 216 decisions of expulsion. Most of them from the Damascus Gate and some of Jerusalem’s benefactors. The most prominent decisions of deportation affected Al-Aqsa preacher, Sheikh Ekrima Sabri.

The settlers also continued to carry out attacks against citizens in occupied Jerusalem. 18 attacks carried out by settlers were also documented, most notably the seizure of an apartment in the Wadi al-Rababa neighborhood of Silwan town, south of Al-Aqsa Mosque, bringing the number of leaked outposts in the town to 80 foci.

During this month, the report monitored 9 cases of violations of freedoms, most notably the arrest of 3 journalists, the prevention of journalists from covering the events in the Damascus Gate and the Yusufiya cemetery, and the prevention of cultural events.

The army has set up 13 permanent checkpoints in occupied Jerusalem, and set up dozens of flying checkpoints that stop citizens as they pass through and abuse them. During this month, more than 76 mobile checkpoints were installed in Jerusalem’s neighborhoods and streets.

The report concluded with the escalation of Israeli attempts to try to impose a new fait accompli at Al-Aqsa Mosque, and this emerged through the attempt to legitimize the silent prayer of the Jews, the repeated assault on the Palestinians gathered in the Bab Al-Amud area, and the bulldozing operations in the Yusufiya cemetery.

Head of the Europeans for al-Quds Association, Mohammad Hannoun, addressed a message to the European Union countries to stand up to their responsibilities and make the occupying power respect international law and UN resolutions, and to stop encroaching on civilian objects and trying to tamper with the civilizational identity of Jerusalem, and to ensure that Jerusalemites are able to perform their religious rituals in mosques and churches.

The Association warned that the recent decisions of the occupation would strain the atmosphere and create reactions from the Palestinians in defense of themselves and their sanctities, especially with the escalation of incursions carried out by settlers into Al-Aqsa Mosque, punctuated by the performance of rituals and dances that affect the feelings of the Palestinians and violate their inalienable rights in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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