Europeans for al-Quds reviews report on Israeli violations in the Italian Parliament

In a press conference recited at the Italian Parliament in Rome on Thursday, Europeans for al-Quds reviewed its annual report on the Israeli violations against the Palestinians in Jerusalem. 

The press conference was attended by the chairman of the Europeans for al-Quds, Mohammed Hannoun, the Italian Parliament members, Michele Piras and Nicola Frattoianni and the Italian journalist, Romana Rubeo. 

Parliamentarian Nicola Frattoianni announced the adoption of an initiative of visiting Jerusalem by an Italian parliamentary delegation to review the field situation and investigate alleged violations against civilians’ rights to submit a report to the Italian government. 

Journalist Romana Rubeo reviewed the Israeli violations documented in the report and spoke about ethnic cleansing in the city of Jerusalem. She mentioned the details of the violations, stressing that ethnic cleansing is an ongoing process that the Palestinian civilians suffer from as a result of the occupation’s attacks and settler violence.

Mohammad Hanoun, the chairman of the Europeans for al-Quds, spoke about the various forms of Judaization and settlement policies in Jerusalem that aim to change the city’s identity.

Hannoun reiterated the Organization’s position, based on the rules of international law and United Nations resolutions, that the city of Jerusalem is an occupied city and what Israel commits there constitute grave violations of human rights covenants. 

He also warned of the danger of the occupation policies aimed at mass forced displacement operations in many neighbourhoods in occupied Jerusalem during 2022. Israel continues to demolish dozens of houses in favour of settlement projects to change the city’s demographic character.

Hannoun called on the United Nations, the general international community and the European Union countries to assume their responsibilities and pressure Israel to stop its violations and protect the Palestinians.

A comprehensive report on the violations of the Israeli occupation in Jerusalem during 2021, prepared by Europeans for al-Quds, revealed that Israel committed 11,279 complex violations. All of the Israeli violations aimed at “Judaizing” Jerusalem to reduce the Palestinian Islamic presence in the city.

A comprehensive report about the Israeli violations in Jerusalem during 2021 concluded that Israel committed 11279 complex violations against Palestinians during 2021. Israel is also working through several methods to impose the de-facto policy to consecrate the Jewish presence and character and reduce the Palestinian Islamic presence in Jerusalem.

Europeans for al-Quds association’ report under the title Jerusalem 2021, Judaization sparks confrontation stressed that “the Israeli occupation pursues policies, based on racial discrimination, that amount to ethnic cleansing to tighten its control over the occupied city and change its identity and character.”

The report pointed out that the Damascus Gate area, the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood were most exposed to violence due to Israel’s attacks and its settlers, which were met with steadfastness and confrontation in Jerusalem. As a result, a military confrontation with the Gaza Strip and a semi-intifada in the West Bank were ignited. Such events were such a message that the bombing and calm in the region depend on the peace in Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.

In 2021, the report documented the killing of 14 Palestinians by the Israeli forces, including 3 women and 2 children in Jerusalem. The killings increased 100% over the previous year, which witnessed the killing of 7 citizens. Settlers shot two killed Palestinians. Field executions and liquidations dominated the killings, and the permanent pretext was the suspicion of their intention to carry out an operation against the Israeli forces or settlers. However, it is possible to control the victims without killing them in all cases.

The report documented 1,783 injuries, including women and minors, all of whom were hit by direct bullets or bombs, in addition to dozens of cases of suffocation as a result of the tear gas fired by the occupation forces.

The report also documented 984 cases of torture. In which young men and children were subjected to beatings in violation of the rules of international law prohibiting torture.

The report monitored more than 2,422 incursions and raids carried out by the Israeli occupation forces into Palestinian neighbourhoods in East Jerusalem, including 2,541 arrests.

The raids increased 67.6% over the previous year, which witnessed 1445 incursions and raids. Some of the figures were arrested several times.

The data showed that the occupation forces destroyed and demolished 119 homes, displacing about 487 people in the neighbourhoods of occupied Jerusalem. The occupation forces use bulldozers to demolish buildings, mobile homes and residential tents.

According to the report, the Israeli forces forced Jerusalemites to self-demolish 92 homes during 2021, which led to the displacement of dozens of citizens.

The report monitored the demolition of more than 98 different facilities by the Israeli forces, including shops, garages and car workshops, including a school in the neighbourhoods of occupied Jerusalem.

Al-Aqsa Mosque was in the focus of Israeli targeting, through repeated incursions by the occupation forces and settlers on the one hand, and operations to prevent restoration and obstacles to the arrival of Muslim worshipers on the other hand, which emerged clearly in 2021.

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